Cat Ear Headband Craft

catear2This month, the Awesome Readers’ Club is discussing Emily the Strange: The Lost Days. To go along with our discussion, we’re making cat ear headbands. Emily loves cats and dons her own set of cat ears in some of the illustrations (though not as colorful as mine, I’m more of a Molly than an Emily).  The teens haven’t actually made it yet, but they did see me wearing the example and thought it was awesome.

Once again, this craft was super-cheap. Frugality is one of my better qualities as a librarian.

Supply Costs:

Headbands ~ $5.00 (This would have been cheaper, but I waited til the last minute and ended up having to purchase  headbands at Kroger. The Dollar Store is probably a more economical headband vendor.)

Scissors – Zilch, I already had ’em.

Felt – Zilch again. I had felt leftover from a cassette wallet craft.

Markers – Nada. A good YA librarian always has sharpies handy.

Craft glue ~ $5.00 (I highly recommend Aleene’s)

TOTAL ~ $10.00

Active time: 15 – 20 minutes. Quick n’ easy.

Here are the instructions.


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