How to Get the Most Out of Your Library School Classes

Great advice in this article. Management was a required class for my library degree, but I really wish I had taken some marketing classes, a budgeting course, and a grant-writing course.


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Tiffany Newton.

I just finished library school at Emporia State University (ESU) and since then I have discovered many courses I wish I would have taken. Some I learned about from my classmates, some I discovered from being a teaching assistant to one of my professors during my last semester, and other simply weren’t offered at ESU. My MLS required 36 hours and at about three hours per course, that’s 12 individual classes. Some of my classes were only two hours, so I did have more than 12 classes, but I still don’t think it was enough. Could I have learned everything I wanted to know about librarianship in 12 classes? I think it is possible, yes, but in retrospect I should have thought about how each class would help with my goals and bring meaning to my career.

So how do you identify…

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