Icebreaker Jenga

Icebreaker Jenga

Icebreaker Jenga

Getting the discussion rolling in my teen book club can be tough. Especially when the teens don’t know each other. To get things started I made an icebreaker version of Jenga (I saw this on Pinterest somewhere, but can’t find the pin now). It’s very simple to make. I just got a generic Jenga game from Dollar General, typed up some icebreaker questions, and taped them to the game pieces. It’s played like regular Jenga, but you have to answer the question on whatever piece you pull.

The teens went crazy over this game and it really helped everyone get comfortable with each other before discussing the book. They wanted to play it at the start of every meeting. It helps if you have a mix of silly questions and standard get-to-know-you questions.

Note: The chess club teens also flipped out over Book Lover’s Jenga, which is similar but is actually an official Jenga game and dedicated to bookish questions. One of them even asked if he could take it home with him.


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