Awesome Readers’ Club – The Giver

ARC - The Giver

This month, ARC is reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. If you haven’t read The Giver, you definitely should. It is one of the best dystopian novels ever.


Here are this month’s discussion questions, which I got from the Scholastic website:

• If you were attending the Ceremony of Twelve with Jonas, what Assignment do you think the Elders would select for you?

• How would you feel to be watched all the time, the way people living in Jonas’s community are?

• Jonas’s community has a lot of rules. Do you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

• All the members of Jonas’s family had to sign a pledge that they would not become attached to the newchild, Gabe. Do you

think it’s possible to keep such a promise?

• What do you think of how families in Jonas’s community are formed?

• Can you imagine giving up such things as snow and hills because they are impractical?

• Imagine a world without color. What color would you miss most?

• What value, if any, is there to Sameness?

• Do you agree with Jonas that people have to be protected from wrong choices?

• Do you agree that painful memories are made easier when they are shared?

• Do you think it’s fair that one person in the community—The Receiver—should have to be burdened and pained by memories

so that no one else is?

• Jonas knows that if his plan to escape and give the community memories fails, he could be killed. But he believes that if he stays, his life is no longer worth living. Do you agree?

• Do you think The Giver should have gone with Jonas? Why?

• Why is the community so desperate to get Jonas back?

• Jonas briefly wonders whether he made the wrong choice when he decided to run away. What do you think?

The trailer for the upcoming film adaptation recently came out, so we will watch and discuss it as well. Just from the promo photos, my first thought was, “No way is that kid 11.” Such is the way of Hollywood, though. Gabrielle Carteris was in her 30s while portraying a teenager on Beverly Hills, 90210. Some things never change.


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