Staff Training

ImageTomorrow is our system-wide in service day, which means I get to do staff training on  digital resources. Everyone will be terribly bored, inattentive, and forget it all once they leave the building. NOT THIS TIME, BUDDY! No, sir.

This time, I have activities planned rather than a lecture and demonstration. My coworkers will be split into groups, given a list of tasks for each resource, and the group that completes the task first will get prizes. I want to make this as fun and relaxed as possible. We did a little bit of hands-on stuff at the last in-service for the main branch, but it will be all hands-on this time. Also, it will be the first time that I’m in charge of the training solo. We’re going to cover: OverDrive, Zinio Digital Magazines, NoveList, Freegal Music & Freegal Movies, and our Boopsie app. Everyone is required to bring a device with them (if they have one) and we will have the library’s devices on hand. I’m hoping that once the staff actually uses our services, they will promote them better. (It blows my mind that some of them have never used our services. One person has worked here for at least 5 years and didn’t even have a library card.)

If you would like to, take a look at the activity sheet. Any input or tips are greatly appreciated. I’m always looking to improve my training skills.


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