13 Reasons Why Read-Alikes Bookmark


Since the Netflix series came out, a lot of our teens have been talking about 13 Reasons Why. I created a bookmark and accompanying display of read-alikes. It’s only been up a few days and I’ve already had to restock it! If you’d like to use this bookmark at your library, click here to download the pdf file.

Free True Crime Bookmark

People assume that as a teen services librarian, that I enjoy reading young adult fiction. While I read plenty YA titles to stay current for my job, my passion is true crime. Every person who has met me knows that I’m a true crime addict. It’s very rare that I get to work that passion into my job, but this month the reference department was kind enough to let me create a bookmark on the topic. It’s a mix of some of my favorites and a few well-reviewed titles that are on my radar to be read.  You’re welcome to use this bookmark for your own library. Click here to download the PDF. Also, if you’re going to CrimeCon this June – look me up!

true crime

Urban Fiction for Teens Bookmark


Urban fiction flies off the shelf at our main branch library. It’s been so popular that we carved out a separate collection for it in our adult fiction stacks. However, the genre remains interfiled in our teen fiction collection. In order to help our patrons find teen urban fiction titles, I created the bookmark above. Click here to download the printable PDF to use at your own library.

Pride Month


Happy Pride Month, y’all! I’m currently working on a Pride display for our Teen Zone. Our teens are very interested in LGBTQIA+ lit. To quote one, “I’m tired of reading about straight people.” To help them easily find titles with  LGBTQIA+ characters, I made some bookmarks that I’d like to share with all of you. Click here* to download the PDF.

*Bookmark has been updated to correct a typo (thanks, Amy & Erica!).


Hunger Games Read-Alikes Bookmark

Today I started working on bookmarks to put out in our soon-to-be-finished Teen Zone. First up, a Hunger Games read-alikes bookmark.


Front of bookmark


Back of bookmark

Click here for an unbranded PDF file of the bookmark. Feel free to use it in your library.


Sharpie Mugs & Duct Tape Bookmarks

I’ve been trying to hold our Sharpie Mug Teen Crafternoon for three months now. Each month, the event had to be cancelled due to snow. SO. SICK. OF. SNOW. Anyway, I’ve rescheduled it again. Hopefully, Mother Nature doesn’t ruin another perfectly fantastic teen program.

The Sharpie mug is an easy and cheap craft (my favorite kind of craft). Sharpie Mug

Supply Costs:

Mugs – $10 for 10 mugs (Dollar Tree, baby!)

Sharpies – $0, we already have a ton of the markers at our library for various craft purposes. I suppose, if you’re flush with cash, you could shell out the extra moola for actual ceramic Sharpies. I probably could have done that, but I’m all about keeping the Benjamins.

Oven – $0. Luckily, our library has a working oven already installed in it. If yours doesn’t, I suggest borrowing a bunch of toaster ovens from coworkers and/or friends.

Total Supply Costs – $10.00

Total Craft Time: 45- 60 minutes for decorating and then baking the mugs.

Here are the Sharpie Mug instructions.

Another event that had to be rescheduled, was a tour for an after-school girls group. The plan was to have a tour of the physical library, then a quick tour of the virtual branch (aka, our website and relevant digital resources), then do a quick craft. This event has also been rescheduled for next week. The craft planned is really the quickest craft ever: duct tape bookmarks.

Duct Tape BookmarkSupply Costs:

Card stock – $0. We’ve got lots leftover from old scrap-booking programs.

Duct tape – $0. Again, program leftovers.

Scissors – $0. What library doesn’t have 15-20 pairs of scissors lying around?

Hole punches – $0. See above.

Ribbon – $0. Thanks to our Adult Programmer, for always having craft leftovers that I can steal.

Total Supply Costs – $0 (Hurrah!)

Craft time – 10-20 minutes. It took me about 5 minutes, but with a large group it always takes longer than expected.

Here are the Duct Tape Bookmark instructions.