Book Recommendations Based on Your Favorite TV Shows – Comedy Edition

Book Recommendations Based on Your Favorite TV Shows - Comedy Edition

It’s been a while since I posted my first Book Recommendations Based on Your Favorite TV Shows graphic, so I figured I should do a second. The last graphic focused on TV dramas and was a hit with our patrons on our various social media sites. I like this comedy edition better, though. It looks more polished.

Fonts Used:

mtf porkchop by MissTiina on Fontspace.

KG Tangled Up in You 2 by Mamakimberly on Fontspace.

Like, Try – Gone Girl Edition

Like, Try - Gone Girl EditionI’ve been working on some more RA infographics for our various social media pages. This one was made for our digital library consortium’s Facebook page, though I’ve also shared it on our library system’s Pinterest and Tumblr accounts. Thank goodness for NoveList & Goodreads! They are so helpful when it comes to finding read-alikes.

Top-Circulating eBook Infographic

Top WVDELI eBooks of 2013Our OverDrive-powered digital library consortium recently decided to create a Facebook page. This gal gets to moderate it (which is fine by me, I love Facebooking on behalf of libraries). Since the end of the year is almost here (hurray!), I ran a quick report in OverDrive’s marketplace to find what our patrons checked out the most in 2013. Then I used Publisher (since we don’t have Photoshop) to create this infographic so I could share it with all of our internet friends. The response is good so far (it was even retweeted by OverDrive). No surprise,¬†Fifty Shades of Grey¬†was checked out more than any other ebook this year. To see the list, click here.